Benefits for SMEs

Business communication made easy
Kvinder der står med en telefon i hånden
If you think that a VoIP phone system is only suited to big businesses, think again. Small businesses, start-ups and sole traders can benefit hugely from the added freedom, flexibility and reduced costs an Internet phone service can offer.
Hosted phone systems are perfect for the small business owner or tradesperson who wants all the features of an onsite phone system without the expense and hassle of running one.  As they are cloud based, if you move premises, you can take your phone number with you wherever you go.
Here we look at some of the features and benefits that VoIP can bring to start-ups and SMEs. And remember, you can use all the features wherever you can get an internet connection, so you really can take the office with you.



Move addresses without having to change his fixed line number

This is important for an SME as they do not have to change their advertising or websites, nor do their customers and partners have to change the contact number.

Only carry one mobile phone

Keep work calls separate on the one phone by downloading the Universe application. It cheaper and more convenient than having two phones.Keep work calls separate on the one phone by downloading the Universe application. It cheaper and more convenient than having two phones.

See the problem the customer is describing on video

By sending the customer a link they can use their mobile phone to video the problem that a tradesman can solve. It can save time and money as the tradesman knows what tools and parts to bring to the job.

Appear to be a bigger company

With our Intelligent Voice Routing (IVR) system you can use the text to voice function, to put professional announcements on your phone.

Call directed to the right person

Rather than a tradesperson having to call back a potential customer when he gets a minute, by the use of the IVR, the tradesperson only gets the calls that relate to new business. Other calls, such as accounts calls go to the fixed-line.

Calls transferred easily

If a booking is to be made, a tradesperson can transfer the call to the fixed line where bookings are made.

New revenue stream by offering out-of-hours support

A tradesperson can offer a higher level of service by providing an out-of-hours service for paying customers or by using a special number out of hours.

Don’t be disturbed, automatically put callers to voicemail out-of-hours

No need to switch off your work phone. It can be made to do this automatically and to put callers through to voicemail.

Keep both hands free and use a computer screen to make calls with a desktop softphone

The Universe desktop softphone allows customers to use their keyboard while on the phone. The softphone enables conference calls and call transfer

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